Month 4 - Self-love and creating a heart connection

Month 4 Journal

This month your journal covers self-love and creating a heart connection:-

You will find that each week you will be given some food for thought as well as your journaling prompts. Have fun!

The journaling questions will also be attached to the overview of each week.

  • Download the journal
  • If you are using your journal just print the pages with the questions - they are also attached to the week overview
  • Pick one prompt per day
  • Breath, relax and the write
  • There are mandalas dotted around the journal, print these out, focus on a question and colour. When you have finished, journal
  • At the end of the month reflect

Any questions please ask.

Things to remember to do...

Monthly magic - look at where you are.

Weekly magic - Every week start with a declutter and dump, followed by asking what you want to create, how you would like your week to be and 10 juicy ideas to bring some fun and sparkle to your life. At the end of the week, you will reflect on the week and think of one action that will improve your life.

Creating a daily routine

The most important thing about creating a daily routine is designing one that works for you.

Having no routine or structure can be mentally draining as you will continuously be catching up, procrastinating, missing essential things and possibly letting others down. Designing a daily routine that works for you is an investment in your personal growth, inner peace and contentment and a way to be your best self.

Habits like journaling can support how you live your life, manage your energy and help you to achieve what you desire. Never be afraid to experiment with your habits and see how they will work for you. If they support you to feel energised then great and if they don’t try another way. There is only the way that works for you.

It requires focus and discipline. This can seem like someone is bossing you around, and you may feel resistance. Examine where that resistance is coming from – yes even journal on it. Then do something about it.

The biggest takeaway from this is – design your routine, experiment with it and make it work for you.