Visualisation to find your book's outline

Visualisation to find your books outline

Get yourself prepared to go on a journey to discover your outline.

Before you start, make sure you get your environment right for you. Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie and where you won't get disturbed. You could light a candle, and if you don’t want to close your eyes, you can stare into the flame. Make the room smell nice with some of your favourite aromatherapy oil.

  • Make sure you have a journal and pen to hand.
  • Have a drink of water to hydrate yourself and make sure you have a drink handy for when you come back to journal.
  • Turn off the light.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Place your hands in your lap or on your heart.
  • Take 3 big deep breaths and let go.

Breathe deeply and relax. Close your eyes. Let your breathing become slow, even, more and more relaxing. Relax, relax into the darkness. Relax deeper into yourself. Let everything go. Feel all of your muscles relaxing. Know that you are safe and about to go on an adventure to find your book outline.

Listen to the recording and write up what you can remember when it is over.

You are then ready to take the next step which is the step it out exercise.