Introduction to planning

Introduction to planning

In this section we are going to be looking at planning. This covers your business, and book goals and how you like to plan. When you know how you like to plan you are more likely to actually get things done.

Start by looking at your overall business goals

Think about what you want to achieve this year to help grow your brand. More brand awareness? More engagement from fans? Building trust and loyalty? More leads, conversions, and customers?

You are writing your book (probably) because you want to raise your visibility and be seen as an expert. But more than that you will want to use it to convert prospects into customers.

You will also want to measure the impact your book and subsequent promotions have.

Your book plan

We start by looking at the book plan, deciding when to publish and all of the milestones inbetween.

Let's take a look.

Plan your book - project plan template v2.pdf